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Everything I do is mediocre: my website is mediocre, my prose is mediocre, and my videos are mediocre. Everything about me is mediocre: I have a mediocre job, I live in a mediocre home, I have a mediocre education, and I was born into a mediocre family. On the chart of mediocrity, I am not even at the top. I am smack-dab in the middle, for I dwell in the heart of mediocrity. Plenty of others are more mediocre than I am. They swarm about me with an outstanding sort of mediocrity. Nevertheless (naturally "nevertheless"), my mediocrity seems to be evolving. Perhaps I am entering hyper-mediocrity (or hypo-mediocrity), which either way is characterized by a certain invisibility. Indeed, I am fast becoming invisible. Very few, next to nobody, can see me, and if it weren't for my lack of distinction, my invisibility would be really something!

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